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Aftermarket part protection program

Aftermarket part protection program

Aftermarket part protection program

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DID YOU BUY A $300-$6,000 performance part and it broke? Could you afford it again?

We got you covered! 

TheBOOSTStore Performance PART RECOVERY program is the right program for you! 


Having a performance part break or give out is the worst feeling in the world. It causes your car to not run right, tune your car wrong and it blows the engine? We will help you get a new engine. Did a exhaust leak happen? We will pay for the replacement? Did a performance part crack or break? Did the part stop working? We will pay for the replacement of your part under our care!  
We take pride in helping our customers stay on the road!


so affordable for the peace of mind your car is protected regardless of the case.

This is a protection for your car that has performance parts. We cover your performance parts and your car if something happens.



*this is not a warranty*

*cancel anytime*


*coverage purchased will get a packet of their coverage with a coverage card!*


if you have any questions about anything email us!


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