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Ess supercharger kit s550 gt

Ess supercharger kit s550 gt

Ess supercharger kit s550 gt

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The intercooled ESS Tuning S550 GT 5.0 supercharger system is the culmination of over 25 years of forced induction experience. The G3 supercharger has a max capacity of 1600CFM, and is ideal for the Coyote application in power ranges of 700-950WHP. Featuring the patented, highly efficient, extremely durable and light weight ESS G3 supercharger unit. This system delivers quick boost, a very strong mid range and considerably less mechanical noise vs competing systems. It is also extremely light with the entire system weighing in at 42lbs total weight, so it is ideal for racing applications where weight balance is a major concern.

The system utilizes a billet 27mm thick 6061 T6 main bracket assembly for zero flex, a 6rib belt drive system with billet idler pulleys and premium quality SKF idler bearings for extended service life, a 3.5" front mount intercooler (FMIC) that is designed to fit without modification to the OEM front bumper and it features an integrated high capacity Precision Turbo blow off valve. The S550 G3 supercharger system is a complete system with everything you need for correct installation besides injectors and software. For heavy duty applications we recommend adding a quality PCV catch can setup as well.

Power delivery is 100% smooth and of OEM standard when correctly calibrated. The system comes standard with high precision straight cut gears which have a cool, although modest whine to them. Even more quiet synchro gears are available as an option.

And like all ESS supercharger systems, the S550 Coyote kits are extensively tested and guaranteed for 1 year against any hardware malfunction or defect regardless of mileage. We offer a full spare part and upgrade part web shop for this system as well under our parts and maintenance section. Support is only offered on the supercharger hardware side, we refer to your tuner for any operational guidance as far as powertrain integration/calibration goes.

This system is offered as a Wholesale Direct product only, meaning it is not supplied through a dealer network and the price we offer is wholesale pricing direct to the end user. This system is for clients that have the skill set to install and arrange the calibration on their own, and it is not meant as a complete package with full operational support for people with no experience in powertrain modifications. Quality throughout the kit is absolute top notch as is the system capacity and efficiency. This is a fantastic option for the enthusiast who is looking for a rock solid foundation to build his dream setup from.

The kit can easily be upgraded to G3X spec by adding the X trim billet impeller. This impeller increases the speed capacity of the supercharger and is recommended for applications targeting ~900-950WHP. For higher power targets than 950whp, the G4-95 unit is a better match.

The optional 10PK drive system upgrade is available for both G2 and G3 systems as a direct bolt on upgrade. The standard bracket and idler system is already prepared for 10PK operation, but it is only recommended for extreme racing conditions or when power output approaches 1000HP.

We can provide the MAF transfer table developed for this kit at no cost for custom tuning applications.

Recommended tuner list :

-Lund Racing
-Wengerd Performance
-OZ Tuning

Operational product support is limited to cars tuned by our recommended tuners, only basic hardware exchange warranty is applicable if tuned outside of the recommended network of tuners.

System components:

-ESS G3 CCW internally lubricated high-efficiency supercharger unit.
-6PK belt drive system with 125mm supercharger pulley as standard (~7PSI peak boost on a stock engine, ideal for 91AKI use)
-Direct fit front mount intercooler system with casted end tanks for improved flow (FMIC).
-High capacity bypass-valve system.
-Flow optimized silicone one piece tubing throughout system.
-One belt driven w/auto tension system. 
-CNC machined, hard anodized brackets. 
-CNC hard anodized pulley.
-Long life Gates 6PK serpentine drive belt.

-Oil breather assembly designed for boost.
-K&N cold air intake located inside front bumper.
-Detailed and illustrated installation manual.
-1yr./unlimited mileage warranty.

Installation time: 6-8 hours

Recommended pulley size :

Gen.2 Coyote 120mm/115mm for 91AKI/93AKI
Gen.3 Coyote 125mm/120mm for 91AKI/93AKI

Boost pr pulley size is rated at 7200RPM using a G2 supercharger at sea level/68F, if you run higher RPM limit than this, or a larger head unit then boost will also be higher than rated so keep this in mind when selecting pulley size. Elevation and warmer air than rated will bring peak pressure down.


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