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Sponsorship box

Regular price $6.99

Receive a TeamBOOST item each month! 
depending on the tier you select at checkout  will depend on what you will receive each month! 
tier 1: receive a TeamBOOST style  decal each month=$6.99

tier two: receive a new team boost designed tee each month=$25

tier three: receive a 1 (t-shirt and 3 decals)=$35

tier 4: receive a TeamBOOST goodie box each month! (Contains two tee’s and 3 decals)=$50



(Everyone wins something each month: cash,gift cards, a carpart, car care kit, air fresheners, car wash pods and unreleased TeamBOOST merchandise) 

each tier gets a different amount of entries into our big giveaway. 
TIER 1= 12 entries 

TIER 2= 24 entries 

TIER 3= 40 entries 

TIER 4= 55 entries 

*If your tier receives clothing it’s made to order and is sent separately *

After a year of being a member you no longer receive merchandise* due to being a member for so long your $$ gets turned into more entries to win more things! You get a huge edge over everyone else*

our sweepstakes run anywhere between 3 and 4 months at a time depending on what we are giving away. All entries are sent out sweepstakes company to keep it fair for our members and customers!

* All orders are processed on the 1-8th of every month regardless of when you come onboard and all orders each month are always sent out 12-13th of every month*


(Dream wheel giveaway sweepstakes number 7)

Winner will choose either the wheels of their dreams of $3,000 cash

giveaway runs Aug 26th, 2024- January 3rd,2025 

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction. If your Not satisfied with your order. Please contact us at

Shipping Guarantee

Shipping is on Time and is tracked until your order is at your door unless it’s a decal/decals. They’re shipped usps with a stamp!